About Me: motivations

Hello, I'm Teodoro Montanaro, but please ... call me Teo!!! This is a sentence that, if you have ever met me you have listened for sure! In fact, even though I'm proud of my name (it was the name of my grandfather ;-) ), I prefer to be called Teo ... come on, it is simpler!!! ;-)

Apart from my name, another important thing about me that you should know is that I hate curricula because of their shortness. For this reason I decided to create this website to collect everything I did and I'm doing in my professional activity so that it can be an extension of my curriculum. (in addition, it will let me remember the details of all the work I did XD).


IoT: my passion

As you can see in the Project section of this website, my interests goes from computer graphics to Artificial Intelligence, nonetheless during the last years my interests have converged towards the so called "IoT".

The interest in such argument has begun during the last year of my master degree and took shape in the master thesis related to the design and the implementation of API for a domotic gateway called Dog (more information about the thesis can be found in the Project section of this webs direct link).

Then, I decided to dive into the IoT world during my Ph.D. at the Politecnico di Torino. Indeed, I'm currently working at my Ph.D. thesis untitled "Internet of Everything: architectures for the new web of things".
It deals with the problem of disruptive notifications and proposes solutions from two different points of view: the user one and the developer one.

  • User point of view: we proposed an innovative "Smart Notification System" that uses machine learning algorithms to adequately manage incoming notifications.
    According to context awareness and user habits, the system decides: a) who should receive an incoming notification; b) what is the best moment to show the notification to the chosen user(s); c) on which device(s) the chosen user(s) should receive the notification; d) which is the best way to notify the incoming notification.
    More details can be found in the paper published in the proceedings of the 2nd IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) and untitled "A Context and User Aware Smart Notification System".
    In addition, you can find more details about the different projects developed within this macro topic in the "Projects" section of this website:
    • Smart Notification System: description
    • Notification Collector: Android app (description in press)
    • Backend server for collecting data received from the application (description in press)
    • IoT modules for collecting home context data (description in press)
  • Developer point of view: it was faced up by proposing XDN (Cross Device Notification), a framework to assist developers in creating cross-device notifications by scripting. ... Get more information ...

In addition, I've contributed to other project concerning IoT in other domain:

  • User location estimation: we proposed a new energy efficient method to estimate user presence in one of the two most attended meaningful locations using low-energy mobile data (data acquirable by smartphone without using extra energy). ... Get more information ...
  • Open Agorà Project: a project leaded by TIM Joint Open Lab. Its main objective is to develop a system aiming at: a) suggesting user mobility changes to decrease air pollution and improve user health conditions and b) suggesting interventions to city institutions (about road conditions or other factors to reduce air pollution). ... Get more information ...
  • CoIoT: User oriented IoT services for smart home delivery. I worked at this project with Giovanni Zenezini (DIGEP department at Politecnico di Torino) and Maliheh Ghajargar (DIGEP department at Politecnico di Torino + JOL TIM). It is an interdisciplinary project that aims at designing new IoT services for a smart home delivery system using Co-Design techniques. ... Get more information ...